Case Studies

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BHC Agricultural Installation Case Studies

From the many agricultural projects BHC has installed, we have selected just a few examples shown below.

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Biggarshiels Farm – Equestrian Building

BHC Ltd. were involved with the construction of a large stable, at Biggarshiels Farm in Biggar.
The new equestrian build was designed to accommodate several horses plus the necessary equipment.

The building was 48m x 23m with a 12.5 degree roof pitch. All steel was shot blasted, primed and painted. Two large sliding doors were also added for easy access, plus one smaller personnel door.

Hillhead Farm – Dairy Facilities

BHC Ltd. were pleased to be involved with the expansion of the dairy facilities at Hillhead Farm.

The new building is 280ft x 100ft with a 2ft canopy at both sides with a roof pitch of 12.5 degrees.

BHC were also responsible for building a 290ft x 100ft x 12ft slurry tank with an internal capacity of approximately 2, 100, 267 gallons.

BHC also supplied the internal fit out for the dairy farm including: 256 cubicle spaces complete with posts, headrails and fixing clamps; 10 fast empty drinkers; 2 runs of 280ft single-feed rail barriers; and 4 folding gates.

The dairy herd is thriving in the new sand-bedded cubicle building, featuring climate-controlled curtains, fibre cement spaced roof, open central ridge, simple centre feed passage and slatted passages over a full-width slurry tank.

Burnhouse Farm – Equestrian Building

BHC Ltd. were appointed as main contractors of the construction of a large private indoor riding arena for Burnhouse Farm in Carnwath.

The existing round house shed was taken down before BHC took over.

BHC constructed the concrete foundations and then erected the large steel riding arena. All steel was shot blasted and painted.

Knockenjig Farm – Cattle Shed, Slurry Lagoon and Silage Pit

BHC Ltd. were involved with the construction of a large Cattle Shed, Slurry Lagoon and Silage Pit at Knockenjig Farm.

The proposed agricultural buildings were erected over a 17-week period on a relatively level pasture land.

BHC also supplied the internal fit out of the cattle shed.

WM Hamilton & Sons – Aggregate Storage Building

WM Hamilton & Sons operate four trading divisions within the group including: Bulk Haulage; Road Sweepers; Aggregate, Soil & Suppliers; and Landfill & Recycling.

BHC were involved in the extension of the main aggregate, soil and salt warehouse.

The new warehouse is fully-enclosed and features a large roller door to accommodate articulated vehicles. It also has personnel doors.

As main contractor, BHC Ltd. provided: Structural Steel; Safety Netting and Edge Protection; Cladding; and in situ Concrete Flooring.

Glenrath Farm – Poultry Unit

Glenrath Farms Ltd. are the second largest supplier of shell eggs to the UK marketplace. Due to an increased demand for eggs, rising to 115 million per year, Glenrath farms required a new poultry shed to accommodate 44, 000 laying hens, divided into two flocks of 22,000.

The two existing sheds were unsuitable for conversion and were demolished prior to BHC Ltd. taking over the site.

BHC erected a 120 m x 31 m steel frame with 3.3 m high eaves.  All side walls and gables were clad in 40 mm KS1000 Composite Wall Cladding in Juniper Green. The 3,605 sqm poultry shed included inlet vents, insulated sectional overhead doors, a high efficiency air drying system for manure and a manure elevator with a collection tank.

The location of the new poultry shed will allow the eggs to be removed daily by conveyor belts leading directly to the adjacent egg store where they will be packed for despatch.

Hartside Farm – Cattle Shed with Slurry and Silage Pit

BHC Ltd. were involved with the construction of a new Cattle Shed, Slurry Tank and Silage Pit at Hartside Farm, Lamington.

Works involved the construction of a 100ft x 81ft shed with a 6ft canopy at one side x 14ft eaves level (lower under canopy) with a roof pitch of 12.5 degrees. The underground slurry tank has an internal capacity of 224,191 gallons, measuring approximately 105ft long x 41ft wide and 9ft deep. The slurry tank was constructed using 300 mm thick reinforced concrete walls.

BHC supplied and installed the internal fit out of the cattle shed including: two 100ft runs of self-locking yokes; one 100ft run of single rail feed barriers; the supply and installation of 1.5m high x 95 mm thick precast panels to parts of each bedded court; and the installation of various division gates and drinkers.

The silage pit measured 100ft x 40ft x 10ft with an adjoining whole crop pit to the side of the silage pit measuring 50ft x 30ft x 10ft.

BHC were responsible for laying the concrete foundations, floors and aprons of both the cattle shed and the silage pit.

Roadhead Farm Feeds – Grain Store

BHC Ltd. provided a turnkey agricultural service for the erection of an Agricultural Grain Store for the well-established and highly-respected Roadhead Farm Feeds based in Quothquan, South Lanarkshire.

BHC’s works included the erection of a steel framed portal building, laying the concrete foundations and the construction of 4 m high reinforced storage bays.

All steelwork was shot blasted and hot-dip galvanised prior to the erection and the frame was clad using Slate Blue Plastisol. The concrete floor was laid at 150 mm thick to the footprint of the entire building using a Somero Laser Screed in one fast track method.

BHC have also been responsible for several other buildings located within the Roadhead Farm Feeds premises including the erection of a new office and various storage sheds.